Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A conversation about caregiving and illness in cinema

Some information about an upcoming event by Caregiver Saathi: on Sunday, April 18, I will be in conversation with my cinephile friend Tipu Purkayastha (whose presence has enlivened so many of my online film-club discussions and courses in the last few months). We will talk about various representations of caregiving and illness in cinema -- from Anand to Amour, from Khamoshi to The Father -- and I will also draw a bit on my grisly experiences in this field in the past few years.

Anyone interested, please show up and spread the word. To register for the session, go here. (You will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.)

You can watch it on Facebook and Youtube too. (FB link here; YouTube link here.) And mark your calendars here.

Please mail me (jaiarjun@gmail.com) for any clarifications.

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  1. (copying what I wrote in LinkedIn)

    Thanks to my classmate Bhavana for this opportunity to discuss movies about caregiving with Jai. He is such an excellent writer & a perceptive critic, & it's an honor to speak with him. I hope there will be comments & questions from viewers to make this interactive & engaging.


    PS: Jai, Anand to Amour Prem would be nice theme ;-) I am trying to get all my puns out now so that we stay on topic in the session!!!