About me

I'm Jai Arjun Singh, a Delhi-based freelance writer and journalist. I have written for Business Standard, The Hindu, Yahoo India, Tehelka, The Sunday Guardian, Caravan, Forbes Life, Vogue, Elle and The Hindustan Times, among other publications. My book about the film Jaane bhi do Yaaro was published by Harper Collins India in 2010, and I've edited an anthology of film writing, The Popcorn Essayists: What Movies do to Writers, for Tranquebar.

In the bloated archives of this blog (1500-plus posts) you'll find my writings about books and films, but also many posts on other subjects, among them: evil water tanks, Delhi traffic, the Rafael Nadal-Roger Federer tennis rivalry, why not to call your parents-in-law "mom" and "dad", Ekta Kapoor's Mahabharata, and my canine child Foxie. Check the sidebars or search the blog.

(Email: jaiarjun@gmail.com)