Friday, June 26, 2020

Two video discussions — with Baradwaj Rangan and Devashish Makhija

Sharing a couple of Zoom discussions I recently participated in.

A conversation with Baradwaj Rangan: two blog-era critics reflect on their journeys through social media, then and now — how have writing, reviewing and online discussion changed during this time?

This is something Baradwaj and I had wanted to do for a while. The result was some rambling, some navel-gazing and some tripping over oneself - that tends to happen with these things - but it was nice to do this, and hopefully it will be of interest to those who have followed our work (and culture criticism more generally) over the past two decades. I also hope we can do a sequel sometime, where we can discuss a few things we left out here.


And from a few weeks earlier, here is the full video of the “Cinema and Migrant Crises” fundraising conversation I had with author-filmmaker Devashish Makhija, about the migrant issue as depicted in his latest feature film Bhonsle, as well as other aspects of his work.

(Speaking of which: Bhonsle, an excellent and demanding film with Manoj Bajpayee as a tired old policeman, has only just been released for a general public — it is on Sony Liv.)


  1. Hi sir, I watched your conversation with Baradwaj Rangan yesterday. It was a delight to listen to two long-time bloggers well-versed in the history of cinema and with a passion for literature as well. Really glad such a session happened, and hope to see a sequel.

    1. Thank you! I hope there is a sequel too, and soon, because there is so much more for us to say - including related things that we have discussed at great length in private conversations over the years.

  2. My two favorite reviewers talking to each other! I am going to watch this .