Tuesday, March 04, 2008


While most Indian cricket journalists Down Under are busy celebrating the tri-series win and falling over each other trying to get silly quotes, that intrepid adventurer and eater Shamya Dasgupta has other things on his plate. Namely, possums. He kindly provides a recipe here.

(Unfortunately, Shamya neglects to mention what one should do if the possum in the pan is only playing possum. Fascinating animals, they seem to be.)


  1. It seems far too complicated a recipe if all you're cooking are bandicoots. I think this one should be reserved only for the possums. Am planning to go back to the post in a few days though just to see the animal rights guys attack the connoisseur for such animal passions.

  2. I would suggest another recipe. Cook that idiot, obnoxious 'Sidhu' and save Mankind. Last night the bugger completely backtracked from his comments about this same team a month ago.

    I hate his croaky voice whenever he ejaculates 'NO' and 'Biddu'. Probably the crank should be fried or fired from his Job with NDTV. Still can't understand what they are doing with him?

  3. Shwet: I can't endorse your suggestion. Sidhu is unpalatable in every sense of the word. Leave us not insult those poor dead possums.

    (Btw, I must admire your courage in persistently watching the man on NDTV. I would find it just too depressing - it's almost a thousand times worse than reading Rediff.com comments.)

    RTP: Animal rights guys would find lots of juicy material in some of Shamya's earlier posts too. Must re-link to some of them, thereby sabotaging his career in TV journalism.

  4. http://inhome.rediff.com/movies/2008/mar/05look.htm

    pls 2 read the comments; hilarious.

  5. http://inhome.rediff.com/movies/2008/mar/05simon.htm

    srry one more. Just can't resist.

    Jai, pls do a column sometime on these comments....they always crack me up.

  6. Just saw your comment on Mitali's blog. When are we going to see that here on Jabber. Hope, we don't have to wait till it gets accepted & printed by BS.

    - Puneet

  7. Puneet: I'm not putting it up here. It's a short column, a sort of expansion on what I'd said in this post - with a bit more on Oscar whimsies and boo-boos of the past. Nothing major.