Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Plug for Stet

Link time. After much prodding from Hurree Babu and myself, Mitali Saran, formerly of Business Standard and one of my favourite book reviewers and travel writers (she’s done much more of the latter in recent times), has finally descended into the blogo-swamp. In a manner of speaking, that is: Stet: Life, Unedited isn’t a blog with freshly generated content, it’s a storehouse for the very entertaining weekly column Mitali writes for BS Weekend. Topics include the effect of Gandhigiri on the flower trade, superheroes we really need, and why Diwali is actually quite dignified compared to what the rest of the world does for amusement.

One of my favourites: this piece about evil foetuses that “release toxins to constrict the mother’s blood vessels and starve her organs, to death if necessary, to feed their own placenta”. [Note: not intended for anyone who says “sho shweet” more than 10 times a day and thinks babies/foetuses/the Miracle of Birth are too sacrosanct to joke about.]

Next on the agenda: getting her to post some of her reviews and travel pieces. And I also have to get Kishore Singh's People Like Us onto a site of its own...

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  1. i read the article, but couldnt understand it. what is it about ???