Saturday, March 14, 2020

A podcast about Gol Maal and other Hindi-film comedies

For anyone interested, here is a podcast I was invited to participate in, at Love of Cinema. It centres on Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Gol Maal, and I had fun discussing such things as the themes of masquerade and self-discovery,  the contributions of Utpal Dutt and Rahi Masoom Raza, and the spectrum of comedy in Hrishi-da's films (from Deven Varma's deadpan "shabd-phenk" to the broad slapstick in one of my favourite HM films Biwi aur Makaan). Though I also had to clarify at one point that my book was more analytical than anecdote-driven, so I didn't have lots of behind-the-scenes tidbits at hand. 
Do listen if you have the time and interest. Here's the link again.

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