Saturday, December 20, 2014

Film-magazine archives: more Deven, Jayalalithaa and Sharmila, Jaya and Amitabh

A few things I recently found in early-1970s issues of Filmfare and Stardust. First, as a continued tribute to the great Deven Varma, here is a humorous photo shoot featuring him and his wife Rupa Ganguly (who looks a lot like Kajol in the first pic)

Next, Sharmila Tagore and a recently convicted chief minister in (one thinks) simpler times, looking most elegant together:

In a strange but memorable photo shoot, Jaya Bhaduri makes love to a cabbage and eventually dresses up as one (reminding me of the famous quote from The Thing From Another World: “An intellectual carrot, the mind boggles”)…

…while in an interview from around the same time, Amitabh admits that Jaya is his “number one girl” but not his “steady girl” (because, you know, Sheila Jones is so much more fun on the dance floor. And cabbages don't rock, they only roll)...

…and invites interviewers to be his second wife:

And, "Above All",
the most potent anti-smoking ad you'll ever see:

[Earlier magazine stuff here, here and here]


  1. I really thought that was Kajol! And that was as soon as the page loaded..BEFORE I read what you'd written in brackets!

    1. Yes, quite spooky when one first sees the image.

  2. Off the topic...waiting for your views on PK

  3. These old magazines clippings are really funny. Jaya feeling she is not as brainy as Amitabh was funny. She seems brainier than Mr Bachchan today. But, that's just the impression which I have from the image they maintain in public. Amitabh used to open up a lot more then, may be because he did not have much to lose.

  4. Best picture of Jaya amma ever!

  5. Amitabh B's views are quite revealing wouldn't you say. But he seems to have been refreshingly open in those days.

    The smoking ad comment is hilarious! The cabbage shoot is weird!

    Loved the Deven Varma pics - Rupa Ganguly is gorgeous!