Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Books into films: the ToI literary carnival

The schedule for the Times of India Literary Carnival (December 2-4 at Mehboob Studios, Mumbai) is out – here’s the link. I’m participating in a session about book-to-film adaptation on the 4th evening, with Sooni Taraporewala (the screenwriter of Salaam Bombay and The Namesake, and director of Little Zizou), director Anurag Kashyap, writer S Hussain Zaidi (who wrote the book on which Kashyap’s Black Friday was based) and the multifaceted Anuvab Pal (with whom I was also on a panel at Kala Ghoda earlier this year).

One thing I like about the programme is that it allots an hour and a half to each session, instead of the usual hour. More latitude for elaborate discussion and hopefully for audience participation too.
Do drop by if you’re around.


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  2. Pessimist Fool: why did you remove your comment?

  3. Jai - i thought i would mail you...

  4. Probably am new to the whole thing but I'll ask anyway - Is there a sudden spate of these literary events/talks? Or have these things been happening all this while and I just developed new interest? Attended the Hindu Lit Fest Chennai edition and it had some excellent and some not-so-good talks.

  5. Apart from the Jaipur one of course!

  6. Hi Mr Singh,

    Look forward to your interaction with Anurag Kashyap, Hussain Zaidi and Sooni Taraporewala. Your's will be the last session of the TOI carnival, so expect to see a big crowd.

    What Books-To-Movies are you planning on discussing?

  7. Is there a sudden spate of these literary events/talks?

    Gradwolf: yes, there has been a marked increase in lit-fests in the past couple of years - there seems to be a new one starting every month.

    Mumbai Events: not sure if Anurag Kashyap is part of the discussion now, but Anuvab Pal will be the moderator. Will work out what books and movies soon.