Friday, April 08, 2011

Persistence of Vision is back

My fortnightly film column for Yahoo! India returns today, and because it's been such a long break I've indulged myself by writing a longer-than-usual piece. But the film in question, Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Satyakam, more than warrants it - in my view, it represents one of the most perfect marriages between form and content in Hindi cinema. So here goes.

(Will put the full piece up here tomorrow.)


  1. Read the article on Satyakam. Very nice. I do admire Hrishikesh Mukerjee's works. I shall make sure that I watch Satyakaam soon. Thanks for the insights.

  2. Neither Anand nor Satyakam had music by RDB. Anand's music was by Salil and Satyakam by LP.

    Stick to 50's Hollywood, may not get you another book deal but will save us from such errors of factual and judgemental kind. If you are not invested enough in a millieu, please don't fake it.
    Panchatantra's linear narrative, notwthstanding.

  3. Anon: thanks for the correction about Anand - am making the change. (Haven't mentioned anything about Satyakam's music.) The rest of your comment is water off the old back, as always - Satyakam is a film I'm very strongly invested in.

  4. Any idea where I can get a DVD for Satyakam? Remember watching it when I was in 5th grade... hated it completely coz: 1) Dharam in my view should have behaved differently 2) It totally turned me off from honesty.
    Still remember it scene by scene though

    (BTW, I am the one with carrier vs. career guy)

  5. Anon: I got the DVD recently from a Musicland - do try to see it again, it isn't a simplistic film at all though it might appear that way on a first viewing. I think the whole film is also on Youtube, but I wouldn't recommend seeing it that way.