Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Hindu fiction award

Had meant to link to this earlier but got sidetracked: the shortlist for the inaugural Hindu Fiction Award has been announced - the full list of 11 books is here, and the winner will be announced on November 1. More on this soon.


  1. OK, that title for the award is so misleading! When I saw the post title on my RSS list, I thought it was some BJP/VHP/RSS (a very different RSS) award.

  2. To second the Captain, I thought you were nominating Justice Sharma of the Allahabad High Court for the same

  3. Rohit: ha, or for that matter dozens of commenters on my blog over the years, some of whom have informed me with great authority that a solar eclipse that occurred at 5.15 pm on February 10, 63,472 BC coincided with the Jayadratha killing in the Mahabharata war. (Among many other things, one wonders why Krishna would require the assistance of a solar eclipse - one of those "boring" events that can be explained by science.)

    But yes, I suppose the timing of an award named this is somewhat unfortunate.