Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jaipur, lit

So here's the usual annual reminder about the Jaipur Literature Festival; it's on from the 21st to the 25th of this month and the list of attending writers is very impressive, as you'd expect. The day-by-day schedule is on the website, but do keep checking because there will undoubtedly be some changes in the next few days.

I spent four delightful days at the festival last year but this time my visit will be more rushed - I'll only be there for a day and a half, because I have some more work-related travelling to do at the end of the month (and need some time to prepare for it). However, I will be moderating a conversation with the Irish writer Roddy Doyle (author of the Barrytown Trilogy, the Booker-winning Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha and my favourite among the books of his I've read so far, The Woman Who Walked Into Doors) on the 24th. That should be fun. In my short time there I also hope to meet the filmmaker Stephen Frears, who directed the screen adaptations of two Doyle novels, The Van and The Snapper (as well as many other fine films such as Prick up Your Ears, Dangerous Liaisons and Dirty Pretty Things; he was also assistant director on Lindsay Anderson's great 1968 film If..., which is a personal favourite).

Too lazy to link to individual posts now, but see my January archives for 2009, 2007 and 2006
for reportage from earlier editions of the lit fest.


  1. Hi Jai, I'm stuck with a boring job once again and your blog keeps me entertained once again.

  2. Go ahead. Promote the superficial Pakistani writers.

  3. Your profile on the site says that you're currently working on two cinema related books! What are they about?

  4. shrikanth: one is the Jaane bhi do Yaaro book for Harper Collins' film series - I'm pretty much finished with it but the tortuous editing process will get underway soon and no idea when it will be ready for publication. It's practically out of my hands now. The other book is an anthology of essays by authors who aren't known for film writing but who feel strongly about a particular movie/genre. I have a few decent writers on board, and hopefully a range of themes.

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