Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Breadside manner

Spotted in Rishikesh this weekend, the Dr Burger restaurant:

Click to enlarge. In case you still can't read the text underneath the topmost "Dr Burger", it says "Be Happy if U Feel Hungry".

Actually, just seeing this banner was enough to make me feel happy. It's strange on so many levels, especially in a town that's all-vegetarian. Does this restaurant cater only to doctors? Or do you require a doctor's services after consuming their food? Or do they serve burgers with doctors inside them? If so, were the doctors vegetarian? Best of all is the random little penguin figure at the bottom. Is it the restaurant's logo? If so, why? If not, why is it there?

People go to Rishikesh seeking answers, but I only find more questions.

[More Rishikesh pictures - from three years ago - here. And some perplexing signboards from Mussoorie here.]


  1. Isn't that penguin from the Penguin books logo?

    And didn't you notice the 'massage gold' of the Kerala Ayurvedic naked-foreigner types below Dr Burger? Quite a combo, that.

  2. //People go to Rishikesh seeking answers, but I only find more questions.//

    Indeed. I also have a question apart from the ones you posed. The cuisine menu lists, in order of importance (I assume), Indian, Italian, "Continantal" (thank heavens for avoiding "continatal") & then fast-food. A restaurant which has 'burger' in it's name could've done at least a bit more to sell their flagship dish, no?

  3. hahaha..good one, Jai

  4. Jai what is with the 10% discount on producing parking slips ??

    I am still trying to solve that mystery when the directions to the place are equally interesting, 50m ahead from parking...

  5. Not to miss the '@' 10% discount. I mean, how cool are these guys?

  6. hehehe. I like this. Will look out for it when I go to Rishkesh. :)