Saturday, April 25, 2009

Alert: baby pics ahead

Time for a few photos of Foxie (who was introduced here and here, for those who missed her). She turned 10 months old on the 23rd and continues to be the joy and life of our household etc etc. Please note that the change in the spelling of the name is to make her sound more feminine; it wasn't an ideal name to begin with, but I explained its provenance in this post, and it stuck.

(Click pics to enlarge)

Sprawled out on the living-room sofa after a hard day's work, with the cooler in proximity:

Slightly more awake, and camera-conscious as always:

With Abhilasha, in the long-lost days of pup-dom. Can't believe we could actually carry her around
then. She's absurdly big now. Foxie, I mean.

This is from when she woke abruptly because of some noise at the front door and came out into the living-room still entangled in her razaai. As the cliche has it, Indian women look best in saris.

Rebelling against said sari:

And two of my favourite photos; Foxie with her dadi. This is the classic "give me food NOW or else" stare. My mom usually blinks first.

And this is the satisfied-Lala, "it's okay to look at the camera now" pose, after dinner has been consumed.


  1. That is one very cute dog.

  2. completely adorable..
    i am sure that by now she has taken over your life, trained you to heed everyone of her sighs and tail wags. rewards you with a lick when you understand her, and looks at you as tho' you are a retard, when you don't.
    mine has :)
    they aren't our pets, we are their's !!

  3. Wonderful photographs, Jai. She's darling.
    Thanks so much for posting.

  4. "She's absurdly big now. Foxie, I mean."


  5. Foxie even has a sweater! Nice red one too!

  6. abs adorable jai... with each post on her i am falling in love with her even more.... got to visit u guys when i am delhi to meet Foxie :)

  7. Foxie bats her amber eyelashes and says thank you, all!

    Harini: take over is right. I've perfected the fine art of typing with one hand and using the other to throw her soft toys for her to run after.

    Sonia: have thought about starting a separate blog for her so Zoey has competition.

    Shrabonti: that's a jacket. The sweaters are much more colourful.

    Monika: anytime. You've been following her progress since she was a tiny stray pup, as I recall.

  8. I have never been able to come to a conclusion on one topic - cats vs dogs, which is better as a pet.... I have some pre-conceived notions on that topic and might change my opinion after looking at the pics of Foxy. Cute dog!

    Destination Infinity

  9. ...and i know , i know , cute dog and all...but we crave a post about the Davis Cup hungama. We know you are a tennis fan...


  10. Shamya: sad, but definitely off-topic. The next time you want to share your grief about such matters, mail me.

    Destination Infinity: no point in intellectualising this too much or getting into pre-conceptions. I always thought of myself as essentially a cat person (or cat-like person), but Foxie still happened.

    Anon: tennis fan, yes, but not much into the off-court side of things. And I don't really follow Indian tennis anyway. Too busy these days with Nadal and his five-peating Monte Carlo and Barcelona.

  11. what a pretty girl. i like her in the sari. she always wears the jacket at home? cold?

  12. I notice an open book in pic # 2 where she’s sprawled out on the bed :-)
    Cute pics (esp. the sari ones). And camera-friendly too, I’ve seen some who get rather disturbed at the sight of the camera/flash!

  13. lovd this post..have been following you for sometime ..that sounded stalkerlike :D I mean have been following your blog for sometime though had no clue about Foxie:)
    this post made me stop lurking:D
    that and the fact that I share the same name as your other half , a fact that I discovered in this post..

    We have a dalmatian...solely because it was a gift....we had three strays before this and alll three of them as well as the dal now were pampered darlings:)

    Foxie is adorable..and I kept exclaiming over each pic because my little baby has the same poses :D
    She is blessed to have found you guys and so are you:))
    loved the who blinks first pic :D:D

  14. bluehues: Delhi winters last one-and-a-half months, so it's for that duration. We aren't sadists!

    Shivani: yes, that book is The Other Hand, which I blogged about here.

    Indyeah: thanks. And three strays, wow. I strongly approve of anyone who takes strays in.

  15. 1. I like your comments about the softness in the eyes. I am thinking about this about people, too.

    2. The dog is lovely, and so is your mom.


  16. beautiful photographs. makes me miss so much having a dog around. someday when i am working lessr hours or have a bigger family around, i would love to adopt as many stray dogs as i can. you are not doing them a favor. they are completing your unfulfilled crazy mechanical lives.

    Good job! we need more people like you.

  17. oh, the dog in the sari... Indian women are BEAUTIFUL! :)

  18. adorable Foxie... love all the pics.. when are you coming over to meet Kiyan?

  19. Meenakshi: hi! Yes, we really must, soon. No excuse not to, especially since I now tell everyone that I only travel within Saket!

  20. She looks so much like our Chhoti. I'll send you pics.

  21. She was beautiful! I've become an aunt to a canine, George, earlier this year, and though we live in different countries, I try to Skype with my sis as often as I can to get a look at George. Pups/dogs/pets can so easily become central to one's life particularly if you're not raising a family and live by yourself. But having read your heart-rending posts since Foxie's demise, I worry about losing my own canine nephew and how overwhelming the grief could be. I wish the "real" world would lend more respect and importance to such intense bonding between humans and pets as they do between humans. Ever thought of a new pup?

  22. BTW my parents and I rescued a street dog/bitch and her pup (who is also a female but has been christened Harry Potter by me), and the mom ended up getting pregnant, adding a boy-Barry (short for Barack Obama) to the brood. Now, after my dad's passing, we've left the day-to-day care of my mom to these three kiddos, and they are truly the life of my mom's household. I just wish more people would adopt dogs off the street in INdia-esp since these dogs are sturdier and are basically of Whippet lineage, making them very pedigreed and elite in their way. All I hear from friends and family in India is that they need pure-bred pedigreed dogs-nothing less will do. It really is such a shame. BTW the mom, Kalli's, also gave birth to three girls (Barry's sisters) who we had to send away to an animal rescue place (Rahat, in Dehradun). In case you're interested, they're still up for adoption (and are called Basel, Blake and Bianca) (Basel Blake was the movie star murder suspect in Agatha Christie's The Body In the Library :-D).