Monday, June 30, 2008

Vamos Espana!

From Rafael Nadal's blog on Times Online, a post titled "One of the best days of my life!" Nope, he didn't just win Wimbledon, beating Federer in an eight-hour final: this is about the Spanish football team's Euro 08 win. As anyone following Rafa's progress at Wimby will know, he's spent more time in his press conferences talking about the football than about his own matches. From the post:

"I have to admit I was very nervous before the match. I didn't want to speak to many people, it was like if I was going to go on-court to play a big match."

I also like the way he mentions finding little ways to distract himself in the hours leading up to the Euro final - playing darts and playstation, "just to make the time go by fast". I've occasionally felt the same way on the day of an important Rafa match (like this one), and it's fun to see players who have so many KADs/fans of their own getting just as frazzled about their favourite teams in other sports.


  1. Si, si, si!! The icing on the cake would be if Rafa manages to win at Wimbledon this year; that would shut up all those who think he's just a good clay-courter! Loved the match against Murray yesterday, he was absolutely brilliant!

  2. Oh, just realized that the comment I dashed off wasn't particularly relevant to your post. Sorry about that!

  3. Oh, ANY comment about Rafa is relevant to this post (or any other post I put up for that matter - I don't blog as much about tennis as I would like to anyway). As for people who think he's only a good clay-courter: those chaps are clueless idiots who probably think the entire tennis season consists of just 4 matches (the Grand Slam finals). Besides, even if Rafa won 5 Wimbies, they would continue saying what they want to - so just ignore.

    Hope his knee is okay though - he played superbly against Murray but that kind of injury can suddenly swell up at any point. I only hope he doesn't go hobbling into the final and then lose to Roger by the same margin he beat him at the French!

  4. Thanks!
    Gosh, I hope his knee holds up too! He hasn't been talking about it much though. But then, he never does talk about injury much, always prefers to downplay it.
    Aside: Looking forward to the Roger-Safin match too, I hope it isn't too one-sided!