Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quote (Kkote?) of the day

We are talking about God and so we can’t be anything but authentic
- Ekkta Kkapoor, announcing that the role of Baby Kkrishna in her Kahani Hamaaray Mahabharata Ki must be played by an infant who was born on last Janamashtmi.

And here I was thinking that this post was a spoof. Silly, silly me. Real life always catches up.

I wonder what the qualifications for the actor playing the adult Kkrishna will be. (It won't be this gent, alas.) Suggestions welcome.


  1. LMAO at Ekta. Where do they come up with these things??

  2. Wow!! Why does that not surprise me anymore?

    And I say why stop at that? Why not get a blind man to play Dhitrashtar, a woman married five times to play Draupadi (eg: Pamela Anderson) and two people with ambiguous sexuality to play Nakul & Sehdev??

  3. wow....divine this point let me stick my neck out and suggest that during the course of shooting, a Ganesh-statue-sipping-milk kind of "miracle" is sure to take place

    1)Either the child in question will be declared an "avataar" of Lord Krishna

    2)They will claim that a divine "main samay hoon" kind of voice will bark at them at the sets, giving divine instructions to Ekta and her Komrades

  4. Ekta Kapoor never fails to amuse me...

  5. Qualification for the adult Krishna: should have a proven record of womanizing.

  6. probably the serial will extend till baby krsna becomes adult krsna, becoming a womanizer among other things, in the process