Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Away for a few days... Mumbai. Will be at the Kala Ghoda festival on the 7th and 8th evenings, doing my finest imitation of Panelist Who Wishes to be Anywhere but Here. Won’t have Net access for a while, so regular service should resume sometime next week. Till then.


  1. I attended your panel discussion on Banned books. Frankly, hadn’t expected it to be great (knowing that there was very little chance of anyone talking in support so it’d be one sided) but different views that you all presented were really good. I liked the way some of the stupid questions were answered. Waiting for your discussion I was forced to sit through most of The Gallary thing (the previous one that was running late) – but it was worth the suffering!

  2. Nil: thanks. I wasn't too confident going into it (partly because I hadn't had any time to research or anything - wasn't even sure the Mumbai trip would happen till the last instant), but the others made the whole thing very easy.