Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pet control

Spam filters aren't what they used to be. Write a nostalgia piece on the Pet Shop Boys and sooner or later you're sure to get a comment from a veterinary clinic.


  1. I am sure whoever commented didn't read the article.

    I guess popularity comes at a price. The more popular your blog is, more such comments to attract attention.

  2. This is a bad example of it. But this is a billable activity when done right. There are companies that pay marketing firms to have people read context-relevant blogs and put in comments with a link back to their website to attract more traffic.

  3. RTP: I know it's a billable activity, but on my blog so far I haven't come across a single example of it being done right. Here's another one from the archives: the comments on a review of Upamanyu Chatterjee's Weight Loss. (I've actually deleted a lot of the comments - should've kept them!)