Sunday, January 06, 2008

Chak de Nadal...

...says a banner held up by one of the spectators during this fantastic semi-final between Rafa and Carlos Moya at the Chennai Open. 6-7, 7-6, 7-6, a three-set match that lasted nearly four hours (the longest three-setter since 1993), and consistently high-quality tennis by all accounts. (I missed most of it, will try to catch the repeat.) Some quick highlights on YouTube here, as well as footage of Nadal using a cricket bat to hit tennis balls into the crowd. And a meeting of giants - good old Charu Sharma (about whom more in this old post) interviews Rafa and asks him penetrating questions like "So, did you expect to get broken early in the third set?" (Video)

Update: Rafa almost got double-bagelled by Youzhny in the final. Clearly Charu's fault.


  1. "And a meeting of giants" - grin. Dash it, wish Rafa hadn't gotten steam-rolled in the final, makes me apprehensive about the long 2008 season ahead.

  2. ...makes me apprehensive about the long 2008 season ahead

    I know. He's got a huge number of points to defend in the first half of the year (3 Masters series titles, Roland Garros, runners-up at Hamburg and Wimbledon), and if either Nalbandian or Djokovic has a really good year, the number 2 spot could be up for grabs.