Saturday, December 01, 2007

Irreverence vs piety

Mitali Saran’s weekly column in the Saturday Business Standard, Stet, usually has one of the following effects on me: “That happened to me too!” or “But...but that’s exactly what I was thinking! How dare she climb into my head, steal my thoughts, improve the language and get paid for doing it!” This kinship doesn’t occur every single time – there wasn’t too much I could identify with in this piece about the dangers of sleeping with your boss on a full bladder – but I really enjoyed her latest, about the death of irreverence. Groucho Marxists everywhere (or anyone who’s frequently chastised for indulging in “tasteless humour”) should be able to relate to it. Others probably won’t even crack a smile.

Do read.


  1. Irreverence is not dead. However, it is only just that in this info overload situation, those who are pious / reverent find space to express themselves as they have never done before ... bemoaning the death of reverence. The rest is statistics of size and populations.

    Incidentally, only those who know what it is to be reverent are entitled to be irreverent.

  2. Thanks for the links. Her blog is hilarious, from the two posts I have read so far.