Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mussoorie signboards

Among the joys of a hill-station visit are the signboards one gets to see. Just back from Mussoorie and Landour and had to share these pictures, most of them from the long and winding Mussoorie mall:

How to lure the sophisticated diner

I like the way the arrow curves around to point in the opposite direction, instead of just being placed before “Gluttony Restaurant” to begin with. The letterer probably misjudged the space available.

Our shutters are pure candy

This one made me think of Hansel and Gretel and the house made of chocolate. Wonder if that’s the reason for the place being closed.

In which India significantly expands its borders

Of course, one gets the idea: Punju-Chinese is very much a national cuisine. Incidentally another restaurant nearby called itself “Vishal Bharat” and had much the same thing on its signboard. (Vishal Bharat, Chini Kum?)

You say you want a revolution...

The words “Revolving restaurant” are painted on no fewer than three spots on this building. This would be excessive at the best of times, but it’s especially so for a restaurant that doesn’t actually revolve at all (or wasn't the five times I checked).

This is the part I liked best:

How now, electronic cow

And this:

Yes, it does say “Dog potty for sale”. And no, I don’t know what the magic hair-drying cap is either. Didn't have the courage to ask. Next time.

(Click pics to enlarge)


  1. Dog Potty! Now why would someone want it? Wonder at 145 bucks who purchases it!

    I already have an ache after laughing so much!How did you take these pictures remaining serious?

  2. ROTFL! You were observing quirks of human enterprise rather than the beauty of nature! Good for us.

  3. Curiouscat: actually, I was observing both. I spent a large part of my time there photographing butterflies, would you believe. But those pics aren't good enough (or funny enough) to put up here.

    Shwet: you should have seen the ones that got away (from the camera).

  4. Again, I come begging for permission to put these up on the WTF blog.

  5. Do you know the way to the gluttony restaurant?
    Yeah. Its back the way you came.
    Haven't been to mussorie in a while but I spent a day in Dehradun in May and fell in love with the place. I'm told its even better in the winter.

  6. Must dos in Landour: Pepperoni pizza at Hotel Deodar Woods, buying cheeses and peanut butter from Prakash Store in Sisters' Bazaar (if I remember the name correctly) and bumping into Ruskin Bond. Did you do any?

    Rumman and I went there for our, erm, honeymoon and we'd valiantly walked up to Bond's house with a torn copy of 'A Flight of Pigeons' for him to sign but sadly he'd just left for Delhi that day.

    How I miss the Himalayas. Been ages since we went to a real hill station.

  7. Thankee, you are most kind.

    Also, would you like an invitation to the WTF blog?

  8. Awesome, all of them. Enjoyed your comments too.

  9. This dog potty is amazingly cheap at 45 rupees. Pet Loos and Porch Potty cost more than $250 in the U.S. so this does sound like a good deal. Unless of course the dog potty turns out to be a rolled-up jute bag.

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