Sunday, August 19, 2007

Quotes of the day

I’ve felt the presence of the Lord in some famous personalities and saints. It is written in the Bhagwad Gita – I reside where there is beauty, wisdom, strength and power. When Clinton, the American president, was in power, I felt God was in him. The kind of power and charisma he had was simply amazing.
(Actress Hema Malini explaining her religious beliefs in the Times of India’s glossy supplement
. With a flash of insight, the reader recalls the memorable Puranic scene where Agni “takes Lord Shiva’s seed in his mouth”. )

From the above quote, we learn that: 1) Hema Malini has the hots for Bill Clinton [“I reside where there is beauty...”], 2) Monica Lewinsky is a reincarnation of the Fire-God, and 3) Sometimes a cigar is just a lingam.

Also, a gem that is guaranteed to make you giggle:

“Giggle genre is the best it can get at escapist cinema”

(An unattributed quote from a story about comedies doing well at the box-office, in the same ToI supplement)


  1. Haha... Hope Dharam Paji doesn't read your blog. Otherwise, your health is at risk.

  2. Gods have all the fun. they bring women to their knees.

  3. "Sometimes a cigar is just a lingam." AWESOME

  4. But what happens when a Lingam becomes a Cigar. The great DT Tamasha provides behind the scenes view of how this phenomenon is catching on in our society next Monday.