Friday, April 06, 2007

The Pitamah and the Apsara

Two consecutive Google searches that brought the Curious Disappointed to this blog:

“Was Bheeshma Gay?”

“Was Simi Garewal Nude?”

(To which may I respectfully add, “Is there a connection?”)


  1. was looking for a review of pundits from pakistan and stumbled across your blog..and now feel like i have stumbled across a veritable treasure trove! cheers..

  2. The Scene: Rendezvous with Simi Garewal
    The Host: Simi - clad in almost transparent white
    The Guest: Mukesh Khanna - looking bored and not coming on to Simi

    Well, I guess there could be a connection

  3. Haru Cornelius Ercole Nahele: thanks!

    Toe Knee: I would feel happier about the whole thing if Mr Khanna were dressed in his Shaktimaan costume.

  4. So was he? Was she? You're all questions and no answers, man.

  5. Cheshire Cat: this is hardly the place for this question but where else to ask -- where's your blog?!

  6. Space Bar, it's a sad tale, more suitable for a mouse than a Cat. Google, the new Evil Empire, has destroyed my identity and left me blogless. I am unable to sign in to my own blog...

  7. I am salivating at the thought of a kinky encounter between the Simi of Siddhartha-era B-cup fame with a pitamaha type in drag, the pair indulging in a menage a trois with a divinely-inpired dildo supplied by kamadeva.
    DD (sorry its 5 in the morning and I canna sleep due to the warbling of the trains)

  8. simi: This is madness!
    m. khanna as b: madness? THIS...IS...KURUKSHETRA!!! (kick)

  9. i read the book n watch the movie 3 times...what is striking to me is that the film is more diasporic than the text...though in text, we can't get the sufficient "space" for women, but in film, i find the sufficient "space" 4 is like the film maker adds the auteur theory in the visual medium..