Monday, March 12, 2007

Swiss miss

Cricket buffs know the old stories about Don Bradman’s failures and dismissals making more news than his centuries and double centuries did – newspaper headlines in England that went “HE’S OUT!” in size 60 font, and so on.

In contemporary sport, this is the equivalent. "He Loses!" would have sufficed.

Federer was just six wins away from breaking the Open-era record of 46 consecutive victories. Oh well, guess he’ll just have to start over and maybe get there later this year!

(Don’t miss the photo on this page. How often does one get to see ol’ Roger being given a consolation pat after a match? These are the images that must be treasured as reminders of the strange times we lived in.)


  1. I am still in shock. I saw him win Indian Wells last year (well saw him win his semi live and the final on TV). When one loss, the first in some months, is such a big deal, you know you're looking at immortality. On to the French. That's all that matters.

  2. It is always happened that failures of man give more publicity than his achievements. People must look for qualities in a particular man rather than its mistakes.