Monday, January 22, 2007


The advantage of attending an event with someone who’s even more addicted to blogging than you are is that it saves you a lot of work. Amit, whom I last saw looking bleary-eyed in our hotel room early this morning, has (no doubt in the short time he had between getting ready and making a dash for the railway station) put up a nice little post about the Jaipur Literature Festival. It’s specifically about the Salman Rushdie session and I have nothing to add, except for these sentences uttered by the great man (Rushdie, not Varma), which I present to you out of context:

“I ceased to believe in God thanks to neo-Gothic architecture.”

“I wondered to myself: what kind of God wouldn’t strike you down for eating a ham sandwich?”

“Karachi is a bloody big dump!”

“It wasn’t a very good ham sandwich but I loved it.”

“Some of my best friends are journalists. I was just kidding when I said those things about them earlier. (Pause) Maybe. (Another pause.) A little bit.”

I took notes throughout the fest but won’t be putting up detailed posts, at least not for now. Have to sort them out for official purposes first. More later.


  1. Thanks for attending such people in one gathering like Jaipur festival. and very good information you published

  2. Hoo-hoohoohahaha...

    Just like that, the Karachi vs. Lahore wars start again. I have friends in college who would probably commit 1st degree murder over which city is better.