Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New from goo

The latest Google searches that have led to this site:

Rahul Dravid nude photos

Antics of recently divorced women

Mythology smilies [perhaps “similies” was intended?]

Picture of Krishna shaving Rukmi

toothpick used in India

Bathing scenes of Zeenat Aman

roshni chopra marriage pictures

How to be an easy woman

Ladies with nice legs

Texas cattle slaughterhouse

Where can I watch dharam veer for free online

Gemini Ganeshan children 1960

Naked in Haridwar photos

Sexy African aunty

Bangalore porn movie halls

Where the jabberwocky lives?

So many people I disappoint each day. Tch.


  1. And this post will only get more of them...

  2. How do you find these out. I want to know how many perverts are visiting my own site. I even had a really perverted comic up, but higher powers have forced me to take it offline for the time being.

    Big Willy Tonka Frank on Krishna shaving Rukmi.

    Naked in Haridwar reminds me of Penthouse letters.

    Obviously this is a market just waiting to be exploited.

  3. dude, completely random, sick and obscure.

  4. : )

    My question is however about using 'sitemeter'. Does it provide details of where visitors to your blog come from? I tried sitemeter once with my blog but I found their weekly reports tiresome and hardly any info except for number of visitors per day. I prefer statcounter in that respect but I am surprised that you are using 'sitemeter' and you are able to get this info. Or is it from 'blogpatrol'?

  5. You might want to be a bit wary of the last one on the list.

  6. Where is my bathing scene?!!

  7. Damn!! where is this place i have reached???!!?? what was i searching for and where have i reached!!! guess i m lost in this world of web...will somebody guide me out of here???? hellooooo....