Friday, December 15, 2006

The Golden Globe nominations...

...are out (link via the Bright Lights blog). No major observations - I haven’t seen most of the films - but I continue to wonder why the Globes don’t sub-divide the director, supporting actor and supporting actress categories according to drama and comedy films, the way they do with the picture, actor and actress categories. (This is one area where they trump the Oscars, which are famously neglectful of comedy/”lightweight” movies - so why not see the concept all the way through? At any rate, I always find it a bit stupid that there are only five nominations in the supporting actor/actress categories. A film with one strong lead performance might quite easily have three or four strong supporting performances.)

Also, as Bright Lights points out, immensely amusing to see Clint Eastwood nominated in the foreign language film category.


  1. Regarding Clint Eastwood's Letter From Iwo Jima, it is a view of the Japanese side of things, & is filmed in that language. If I recall it was filmed there too, with a Japanese cast. Makes sense to call it a foreign language movie, though perhaps for foreign language Oscar contention it may not make it since it is an American-financed movie.

    Golden Globes are an even bigger scam than Oscars. Bunch of sozzled never-wases handing out awards. My dog & I can work out something better...

  2. I don't know if I agree with this 'best actor in such and such role' business -- I've always been infuriated by the Indian film awards' tendency to give a superlative performance something like 'best actor in a villanous role' while reserving the best actor award for Shah Rukh Khan hamming away in some weepie.

    But well, the less said about Indian film awards the better.

  3. Perhaps it is a scam, but I hope DiCaprio wins (but I have a feeling Forest Whitaker will take the bow for that category).

    Hopefully Pan's Labyrinth is as good as the book.

    Television series: Toss up between Lost and Grey's Anatomy. I love Heroes, but I'm not sure if its going to win within its first season.

    Best performance: Definitely Hugh Laurie. The show has an incredibly witty script, it certainly takes someone talented to carry it out.

    I think my tv addiction is showing a wee too much. Oh well. =D