Sunday, September 10, 2006

Globalisation and my generation

Here’s a piece I wrote for Tehelka, “A berth in the planet’s soul” (no, that headline isn’t mine, but I like the intro they’ve given). It’s part of their series on how globalisation has affected people in different fields. I was asked to keep it personal and so I touched on some topics already addressed on this blog at various times in the past – including the disconnect often felt by urban Indians of my age-group, having been children in the pre-liberalisation era and adults after the economy opened up (and around the time our world began to shrink because of the Internet, cellphones etc).

Frankly I’m not too happy with the final piece (would have liked to do a longer, more measured essay – closer to 3,000 words maybe) but well, have set down my hat and there I must live etc. Here’s the link again.


  1. Had seen this piece on Tehelka website. I know it might have turned out to be a thought-provoking piece, but don't despair. It reads well and we are able to catch a glimpse of what you wanted to portray. In two words, short and sweet!

  2. You look 45 in that sketch at Tehelka. On the other hand, I suppose that picture will get you comments like - "Oh, you look so much younger offline" (the akhada pics and the nude pics you mailed to you-know-who notwithstanding. Only, pls tell him to stop forwarding them with ambiguous headlines, twice a day)