Saturday, June 24, 2006

New things I've discovered... checking the Google searches that direct people to this site:

If you want to know “How to get a friend to wank with you”, Jabberwock is sixth on the search results. For “What does Chook Chook Bong Bong mean?” I rank third and fourth, and ditto for “sexy aunties of Lahore”. But for “how many times did jayaprada had sex”, I come in a meagre eighth.

enizens of the Internet. What a delightful lot. And going by those search results, what a very disappointed lot as well.


  1. Dude, you should know this. Most people don't. Google results are different in different countries. It depends which place exactly you have carried out your search from.
    For example, in the country where I am - that wank off search doesn't lead to your blog's link till the fourth page of the search results.
    It's just like my name maybe not showing up on google if searched for from...mmmm... lets say... Antarctica.
    Know how I mean?

  2. I must insist that you write posts on all of these subjects so as not to disappoint these poor searchers.

  3. Ha ha! I did the same thing and found people were googling "dwarf cats" and "bump between my butt." (I do have an entry on dwarf cats and my blog is titled "outta my butt" so it makes sense...but it still made me laugh)

    Great blog by the way!

  4. Forgive me for asking you this but HOW do I search for Google queries that direct people to my blog?

  5. Tony: just install a site meter/stat counter - you'll get a referrers' list then.

  6. Young man, do a Google search for "suhaag raat" and you shall find that the third result is a post by me linking to a post by you. Most nefarious.