Sunday, May 14, 2006

Google search update

It’s been a long time since I checked the list of Google searches that lead people to this blog, and happily there’s been no change in the top three positions. Searches for “suhaag raat experience”, “Rahul Dravid biography” and “suhaag raat how was it” continue to nourish my site traffic, though so far there’s been no search along the lines of “Rahul Dravid suhaag raat” (what a clean-cut image that boy has really, no one’s even interested).

The major new additions to the list:

Wife swapping in Jaipur

Movies about giant frogs

Sexy spinster

Blind bloggers

Racist jokes against Mexicans

Turmeric powder definition?

Engelbert Humperdinck Indian blood


  1. I've always wanted to know, how do you track that? Any special bit of code you've to insert or something?

  2. You'll need to install a traffic counter like Site Meter or Statscounter or Blog Patrol, it'll give you all the info. The HTML code pasting is usually quite simple - I would never have been able to do it otherwise!
    I recommend Site Meter (you can see the icon at the bottom of my blog) - it's the most efficient.

  3. Thanks Jai!

    You cheered me up on a v gloomy day :D

    (Hey that rhymes)

    PS. "Rahul Dravid Suhaag Raat" sounds like some deluxe package deal for honeymooners wishing to experience conjugals the, er, Rahul Dravid way I guess!

    PPS. The new additions were BEYOND hysterical! (Blind bloggers?! Wife swapping in Jaipur?? ROFL! Keep 'em coming...)

  4. Am now seriously considering getting a blog called 'Rahul Dravid Suhaag Raat' dedicated to the weird side of life. Imagine the traffic!


  5. Re Dravid, my Aus and Kiwi friends swear that he used to hit on the women here (x told y told z kind of thing). This is so at odds with his image in India, that its probably not true. Still, it adds a new dimension to rahul dravid suhaag raat.

    I actually came across this site when searching for Jabberwock

  6. Hmmm...I tried SiteMeter, and its pretty good. But I really use knowing what you have to do to get hits in google. A software for that too? How does one publicise a blog?

  7. could*

    add a "could" to that 2nd sentence.

  8. @Shama: interesting and doesn't surprise me in the least. Incidentally, another well known Indian cricketer hit on my cousin in a hotel lobby once on an away match. She turned him down! Indian celebs get up to all sorts when out of home turf... I guess the so-called clean image is a heavy burden to bear (mostly media-created) and they need to offload it from time to time.

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