Monday, March 27, 2006

Hat on the cat, panties on the panther

Came across a marvelous new site while doing some research for my fortnightly blog column. This is the accurately named Stuff on My Cat, which asks people to send in pictures of their beloved kitties with various items arranged on them (food, clothes, toys, gadgets, anything will do). This sounds like a juvenile idea but it works surprisingly well. I worship cats and wouldn’t normally like them to be inconvenienced in any way, or turned into playthings for inferior beings, but this is entertaining stuff. They are such dignified, haughty creatures who value their space and privacy, and it’s fun to see some of the surly expressions on view in these photographs. As long as it’s tastefully done, I guess.

Here’s the link.

In other news, I’m going to have to stop using the T9 dictionary facility on my cellphone. I can live with “movies” being substituted by “mother”, but did you know that when you’re trying to spell “panther”, the default option provided is “panties”? No? Well it is, and it can cause much misunderstanding and embarrassment when you’re hurriedly sending someone an SMS to say you’ve bought The Pink Panther. Back to manual spelling now.


  1. :D!

    Though on the pink panties, i saw two of them the Pink Panties, A shot in the dark(it all fits!) quite recently.

    And I have The return of the pink panties waiting for me besides my computer!


    Mr. Humanitarian, they have a saying in the drawers.

    Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, thrice is enemy action.

  2. Jai: I wouldn't be so sanguine about the movies / mother switch either. Sending someone an sms that says (for example): "James Cameron? I've never cared much for his mother" can lead to a LOT of confusion. Trust me. Not to mention someone you've been dating for a while (i.e. to the point where she's starting to think about Commitment) an sms saying "So. You want to go to the mother?".

  3. Falstaff: I feel your pain, dude.

  4. cell phones in India come with in built dictionary facilities??

    I'm in a gaon called the united states.....where you have to pay for text messaging!

  5. hey j! will you now send us messages that read 'sorry. am 2 bz to c u this sat.' - ags

  6. Sunil: you have to pay for text messaging out here as well.

    AGS: ys.

  7. I have got so used to seeing "foot" everytime i want to type "dont" that i dont even bother to correct it :)
    Nice blog you have here.