Sunday, February 12, 2006

For the record

Things I’ve read in the past week:

Jaipur City Guide – Vasundhara Publications

Jaipur by Rajasthan Tourism

Pink City: A Shopping cum City Guide

Jaipur Vision: the Complete Tourist Guide

Shopping Map for the Crafts of Jaipur

Rajasthan Small Scale Cottage Industries – brochure

Menu cards of 27 restaurants in Jaipur

Assorted literature* on Jai Mahal Palace, Rambagh Palace, Rajputana Sheraton, Raj Mahal Palace, Amer Fort, City Palace, Jantar Mantar

*Brochures/press releases

Number of words on Jaipur written/compiled from brochures so far: 2,500

Total number of words to be written/compiled by Monday (including listings of bus-stand numbers, railway station enquiry numbers and suchlike): 6,000

Other pending deadlines: 6 (incl. 2 expired)

You can start feeling sorry for me now.


  1. and i thought us bankers who were always running behind target numbers, all the best..

  2. I've had a terrible weekend too (except that my work actually could have been avoided) but at least I got to read a Jeanette Winterson book for my essay.

    You have my sympathy. :)

  3. Share your pain, dude. Did you go on a junket? I had a pretty eventful weekend - betwixt Syriana, Walk the Line and India winning the match, couldn't have asked for things to be more complete. Hope to blog it all, but with the controversies that abound, looks like it's gonna be a race to the finish this Monday morning.

  4. Join the club!

  5. this might stound stupid, but, can we switch jobs?

    mine involves staring at spreadsheets all day long.

    btw, no new posts on graphic novels? time for some fresh recos please...