Sunday, January 08, 2006

Shameless canvassing

The Indibloggies, more circumspectly known as the Indian Weblog Awards (yes, they do exist – how much more incestuous and self-congratulatory can we get, I ask you!), are now open to the public and Jabberwock has been nominated in the, ahem, Humanities category. So if you’re inclined to vote for me, please go ahead and do so (all you need is a valid email address. You can leave the URL field blank). And if you’re displeased with the blabberjack for some reason, I strongly recommend my co-nominee The Middle Stage – partly because it really is very good but mostly because I guest-blog there as well so I’ll bask in reflected glory if Chandrahas wins.

(I like the whole humanities thing. Chandrahas and I were joking the other day that while the rest of the blogosphere organises itself into pro-libertarians and anti-libertarians, we’re the only “humanitarians” left.)

And while I’m at it, here are some favourites in the other categories:

In the ridiculously over-crowded Indiblog of the Year category, my personal favourites are Amit and Arnab, with nods to Uma and Dilip. (Karthik of Etcetera should have been in the Humanities category as well, but I’m relieved he isn’t.)

For Topical IndiBlog, difficult to pick between Sonia Faleiro, Atanu Dey, The Acorn and Youth Curry. For Lifetime Achiever, The Examined Life. For Best Group Blog, SEA-EAT and Sepia Mutiny.

Don’t know enough about the other nominees, but whose idea was it to have a category for “IndiBlog with the Best Tagline” but none for “Personal IndiBlog”? Oh well, I’ll be gracious and avoid ranting – for now.

Vote here.

P.S. All competitive awards are Bad. Never forget this.


  1. Umm.. thanks for the mention, but, you mixed up a few letters in my name. Although Kaushik does have a nice ring to it.

    By the way, you can count yourself a couple of votes richer. My better half likes Jabberwock as well.

  2. Ouch, ouch, ouch. What a bad time to make my First Ever Spelling Mistake. (Hush, J.A.P!) Sorry Karthik, am correcting it now.

  3. Incestuous, self-congratulatory and self-important, of course.

    Best personal blog category sorely missed, I agree. Just to satisfy shameless curiosity, name your friends?

  4. Humanitarian you may be,
    but it does not matter to me,
    I don't forget,Dear Jabberwocky,
    your hatred of our beloved Galouti.