Thursday, January 05, 2006


Three of my friends are going to Pakistan to cover the Test series, and I’m jealous. Wouldn’t have wanted to go on a full-length tour myself but two weeks would have been nice, especially after appetite had been whetted by Pundits in Pakistan.

Coincidentally all these gentlemen blog, in varying degrees. There’s the noble Headlines Today journalist Shamya Dasgupta, an old friend from the pre-journalism days (that’s long before anyone had cellphones, if you want an easier reference point). There’s Amit, with whom much fun has been had in the last few days, and who regaled us with cricketing cliches the last time he covered a series. And now I learn that young Chandrahas will be touring as well.

The closest I’ve ever come to covering a cricket match is when I watched a Test on TV and then mailed "match reports" to (where I was working the graveyard shift at the time; so basically double duty). And even that was India-Zimbabwe. Oh well. Have fun guys, and spare a thought for me when you’re feasting on kebabs. (Not the galoutis though, you’re welcome to those.)


  1. If it had been a couple of weeks, I would accept your being jealous, dude. This is a 47-day tour. More than 13 per cent of the year in Pakistan. Not good. Not good at all. But it's been okay so far. The cows and birds have been treating me fine.


  2. So come. Bus to Lahore won't cost much, and you can stay with Russian Poet and me. Then take a bus back. Enough pieces can emerge out of that I'm sure. Come, come, follow your heart, go with impulse.

  3. Amit, this is mandatory reading before you cross the border. Then you can visit Heera Mandi and regale Jai with stories on the origins of past Indian actors.

  4. Thanks Arun. I'm not sure I'll get that book now, but Heera Mandi can be visted anyway. After all, Jai must be regaled!