Sunday, December 04, 2005

Blog meet

Just back from a nice blog meet at DV8, Connaught Place. I’m usually sceptical about those things, especially when they are large gatherings (as this one was), but after some initial fumbling it settled down into relaxedness and informality. Freelance journalism was discussed, as were trolls, Ranjan Yumnam and whether Delhi Times’s general dislike for bloggers could possibly have anything to do with an exposé involving their editor a year ago.

Young Nikhil did what he could to unsettle some of us but we survived him. Saket and I overcame the initial shyness caused by Amit Varma’s slanderous joke about where bloggers reside, and soon settled down to a thoughtful discussion about the True Nature of Egoism. This was all very profound, as were the Bacardi and the beer.

Not listing the bloggers who attended (partly because I don’t know all the URLs) but thanks to Aanchal for hosting a very motley bunch – and I’m sure more comprehensive accounts of the meet will follow soon. Will provide updates here.

Update: posts by Saket and Tarun.


  1. I don't think the Ranjan Yumnam case has anything to do with the Nikhat Kazmi plagiarism case because Nikhat is no longer Ed of DT. The DT ed now is Anshul Chaturvedi, under whose editorship I have had the honour to freelance for Lucknow Times back in school. All said and done, I do admire him, even if he presides over that dishrag, he takes his job seriously.

  2. Shivam: That bit was intended in a light vein. I'm not saying there's a direct connection between the NK case and the RY one. But NK was the Delhi Times editor until just a few months ago, and Mr Y certainly worked under her for a long time and was around when the plagiarism incident occurred. The general perception in Delhi Times of bloggers-as-pests could have stemmed from there. (In fact, DT had steadfastly avoided doing any blogging stories for a long time, even though other media, incl. HT City, were full of them.)

  3. Oh, didn't notice this post yesterday.

    Glad you had fun at the blogmeet. When you say 'did what he could', you're underestimating me. *evil grin*

    I must add, however, that everyone else was most civil. :-)