Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Transcribing for ur edification

Just got this SMS from the publicity chaps at PVR Cinemas. Everything is exactly as it appears in the message:

"PVR Plaza invites u for th special intraction with celbs like SUSHMA SETH, MANPREET BRAR, ANITA KAUL BASU, SABA ALI KHAN AND SHIVANI WAZIR PASRICH alng wth MR. SANJEEV KUMAR BIJLI-co promotr PVR Ltd, at th special screening of Iqbal organisd for cancer patients on rose day - 22nd sept - tmrw. Be thre at 10.45 am to see all th celebs offrng floral tribute to people fighting wth ths deadly disease, only at PVR."


  1. And this is supposed to stand in for a formal press release? Many of the words seem like inadvertent typos rather than deliberately shortened. The Bijli brothers hired these folks?? Surely they can afford better.

    On another note, when did all these folks become celebs? I mean, has Anita Kaul Basu found a public persona other than being Siddharth Basu's wife.

    Furthermore, what is this Rose Day business?

  2. All valid points Thalassa, but what struck me most was the “Be thre to see all th celebs offrng floral tribute...only at PVR” bit

  3. Anita Kaul Basu is Siddarth Basu's wife? That's news! And floral tribute to those who are fighting? Aren't they still fighting?

  4. You're right Jai. I completely missed that, and it's so bizarre.

  5. Your title is all wrong.

    Nevr write "for" wen u cn write "4".

  6. Hmmm, and it would need a 19-year-old to explain that to me :)