Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Obligatory Google search update

The latest search result to lead someone to my site: "how to be an estonian masseuse".

On checking I found "estonian masseuse" had appeared in a post where I quoted Philip Roth's I Married a Communist, so that bit is explained. But why, why, why why why is someone searching for this on Google? Free one-way trip to Estonia for anyone who can offer a reasonable explanation.


  1. Someone came to my blog searching for 'panties'. I mentioned them only once here, and then a reader mentioned them again in a reply. I wonder what this visitor thought of the post, which was actually on feminism.

  2. Some one came to my blog searching for Bhupathi Pierce photographs which is slightly more understandable but wouldnt you go to a sports site or photgraph site directly.

  3. How exactly does one do this Google search check? Would be grateful for guidance (in most 'umble mode, as you can see)

    Also, most mizrible that you do not see fit to review.


  4. JAP shaab, you will need to register at Blogpatrol.com or Sitemeter.com; if there's a simpler way, I don't know it. Never too sure about these things myself.

    Be not mizrible. Have posted comment now.

  5. Because, maybe, they once casually read the post which mentioned 'estonian masseuse' on your blog and for the life of them couldn't remember your name or that of your blog later but that unique term stuck with them so that's all they searched for. And got you again.

    I've done some thinking about this due to the weird googles I get too. :-)

  6. Well okay, but in that case why "how to be an estonian masseuse" instead of simply "estonian masseuse"?

  7. so do you think its
    a) an estonian who wants to be a masseuse?
    b) a non-estonian masseuse who wants to be estonian?
    c) a non-estonian non-masseuse with a serious career rethink coming up?

  8. nice post. nice comments. :)))