Monday, June 20, 2005

The jabberwock appears in a comic strip!

Please visit Manjula Padmanabhan’s blog for the dope on what happened when the legendary Suki came out of retirement for an illustrated interview with Yours Truly. This appeared in Business Standard’s Weekend supplement on June 18 and I’m glad Manjula’s posted it on her site, since I have zero-proficiency when it comes to putting up pictures on mine.

Here’s the link again. *burbles proudly*

Update: and here's the strip (click to enlarge)


  1. Oi! Where's the link to the piece? I gotta read this one...

  2. Damn! The Internet is soooo slow today - have been unsuccessful in my (what feels like) millionth attemptto see it...


  3. Straight Curves: have mailed you the file. And in a bigger size too.

  4. i wan also. cant get all the words on that small picture

  5. It has been done, young duck.