Friday, May 06, 2005

Watch words

Just wrote the following for a story. Oh ask not, prithee ask not what it all means:

- The quality of all parts and components of the movement, including those used for auxiliary mechanisms, must comply with the standards prescribed by the Office for the optical inspection of Genevan watches.

- Steel parts must display polished angles and their sides parallel file strokes, their visible faces must be smoothed and polished, screw heads must be polished or circular-grained and their rim and slot bevelled.

- The balance spring must be secured by a sliding stud cap with round head and neck. Mobile stud-holders are accepted.

- On the bridge side, jewels must be semi-mirror polished and their sinks polished. A centre-wheel jewel in the mainplate is not required.

- Fitted or split indexes (regulators) with a fastening system are accepted, save on extra-thin movements where the system is not mandatory.

Now you tell me, HOW am I supposed to bring a writer’s touch to this manner of journalism?

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