Wednesday, May 11, 2005

TOI springs a surprise on Ash

I try to be nice when it comes to the Times of India but I never try too hard. So mustn’t let their latest hilarious goof-up pass without a mention. Here are links from Sepia Mutiny and Great Bong about how a TOI reporter picked up a satirical piece from The Spoof about Aishwarya Rai wrestling a 380-pound woman on the Jerry Springer show, and then carried it as straight news.

Love this bit, where TOI first quotes from the website and then elucidates the point for its presumably dumb readers:

"He promised me that no one would try and kiss me or rip off my clothes. I am still a bit confused about why I need bodyguards on his show, but I guess it will all work out OK. I hope so... my mother in India will be watching on the satellite!"

Knowing Ash’s conservative nature, she has been promised that no one will touch her unduly or kiss her or try to rip off her clothes.

Also, given the enormity of the goof, isn’t it funny the way the actress is referred to informally as "Ash" throughout the TOI article? As in: to the rest of the world she might be the cool, elusive beauty, but to us she's Ash, we're on back-slapping terms with her. Slap away, TOI, slap away.

Original Spoof article here, TOI version here.


  1. Jai, request you to cross-post it on CSF. It deserves a mention there. Then we can do some serious bitching. No, seriosly.

  2. Why do you read this garbage?
    I mean TOI, not - the latter frequently has nice tasteful items.
    What a waste of time, electronic real estate and energy it is blogging about it.
    BTW, the best style sheet for satire I've come across is at
    - and I like the website slogan "There's fuck all on Rockall" - everytime I see the ToI I think of wistfully of the Rockall Times.

  3. din't know this was from The Spoof

    btw, NDTV's Double Talk 'puppetised the ientire incident

    talk about extended lifts...

  4. The TOI link doesn't seem to be working any more (surprised?), but here's the Google cache.

  5. And I did the honours of cross-posting it for you on CSF. I had linked to this post in the title ,but it didn't turn up.