Friday, September 04, 2009


It's been five years since this thing began. Nearly one-sixth of my life. To mark the occasion, here are five of the most pointless posts on this blog over the years. Any one of them is guaranteed to ensure that the reader never returns. (But you did, which says more about you than these posts say about me.)

- A nine-line masterpiece about a fish in a Zurich hotel. Serves absolutely no purpose other than to inform readers that I like sushi (which could easily have been done in three words).

- I donate blood and endure soggy biscuits. How gallant of me. Mainly written to remind viewers that I was spending a lot of time in hospitals.

- I go to the golf course and write a post that's nearly as scintillating as watching caddies walk around behind Jyoti Randhawa at 3 in the afternoon.

- Completely random lament with a gratuitous reference to a food blog that I never intended to start.

This is the sort of thing that gives blogs a bad name, adding to the perception of a blogger as a social misfit who walks about with a camera in his neighborhood, taking photos of houses just so he can put up a half-witted post. The sort of thing people do on Facebook nowadays.

Anyone who wants to add to the list, feel free to browse the archives.


  1. cute :)
    happy anniversary and here is to more posts :)

  2. Happy anniversary..and i was amused at one anon comment that went "wow! you got so little to do" :) :)

  3. I don't think pointlesness is valued as much as it should be. There should be a very strong and solid space for pointlesness. Mix it up, man. Keep the strong, intelligent stuff coming and throw in a bit of pointlesness here and there. Makes the blog that much better.

  4. That makes at least five frabjous days. callay!

  5. LOL! Happy anniversary and here's to more pointless posts. What's the point of posting if every post has to have a point to it?

  6. Manny happy returns of the day, Jabberwock!

  7. Congrats. The vorpal review went snicker-snack!

  8. And we'll keep coming back ...

  9. *breathlessly* Oh but NONE of your posts are pointless! I have them ALL printed and framed and affixed to my walls. People tell me they come home just so they can gaze at them. I'm thinking of charging money.

    Happy blog budday!

  10. Well Happy Anniversary, Jabberwock, from France. I enjoyed the idea of the pointless posts, my heart sinks when I see bloggers talking about their cats or dogs but I'll try and stick with you despite the last post ... ! I think it wins the prize of theee most pointless!

    To make up for that you do write very well so I will be back.


  11. oops! that was deborah