Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Foxie Chronicles, contd

Curious: has anyone else encountered a dog who sits like this? I'd really like to know.

This is one of the strangest things about Foxie, and we don't know exactly why she does it: is it because her hind-legs are disproportionately long (they are) or because her backside is very high (it is) or did she just pick it up through careful observation of us humans sitting on our chairs and sofas in the early days of her pupdom? My mother's unscientific view of things is that she was a mermaid in her last birth.

(Note: the photo above doesn't capture the best version of the pose, which is when she puts up just one of her hind legs on a chair seat and allows the other one to dangle. If I get a better picture at some point, I'll put it up here.)

Another possibility could be that Foxie greatly treasures her behind and wishes it to be in a state of maximum comfort always. (The first thing she does each morning is come to me for her daily back massage, turning her head sternly if the rubbing isn't vigorous enough.) But it's still not a very dog-like way of sitting.

Being long and gangly, she also has issues moving about in small spaces. One of the sofas that she likes to sit on is located 3-4 feet away from a bed that she also likes to sit on, and when she moves from one to the other there's a peculiar moment of undulation where the front part of her body is climbing up one item of furniture even while the back part is still in a state of descension. The sight reminds me of this description of the mighty dragon Glaurung in Tolkien's Unfinished Tales, from a passage where a group of people hidden in a ravine mull their prospects of survival:
"But how can he come forward so?" said Dorlas. "Lithe he may be, but he is a great dragon, and how shall he climb down the one cliff and up the other when part must again be climbing before the hinder is yet descended? And if he can so, what will it avail us to be in the wild water below?"
And while I'm on the subject, a few more pictures:


Afternoon siesta

In which we are very aware of the camera

Expression of bliss as evening head massage occurs

How many other doggies have such a big pile of books to bury their chewy bones in?

[Click pics to enlarge. Earlier Foxie posts here, here and here]


  1. She's delightful. I had a doberman who used to sit like Foxie sits in the first pic. I think it is to do with prioritizing the comfort of the behind.

  2. Best Foxie post yet! She's lovely.

  3. u didn't have anything else to write about i guess.

  4. :) another slave to a dog :)
    sometimes i am quite sure that they train us - and we are their pets - not the other way around.

    she is adorable :) mine has her own set of idiosyncrasies - like barking non stop for me to clear up my bed - so that she can sit with her chewstick and eat on it:)

  5. My sister's dog sits exactly like that! She's a great dane, so it might have something to do with long hind legs, like you said. Or it might just be general goofiness. Ever read the story about Brandy the Golden Retriever in James Herriot's Dog Stories?

  6. what does anon mean by saying "u didn't have anything else to write about i guess"? if he/she thinks of dogs as mere "fillers"..well...all I can say is that you have led a deprived life so far, my friend

  7. I quite like the idea of Foxie being a merbitch in her punar janam.

    Judging by the pics she will grow up to play the canine IPL and will definitely not be reviewing books.

  8. D'oh, I meant pichla janam.

  9. Really fail to understand why people are so obsessed abt pets especially in India where flats are limited in size...would rather shower my love/affection/time on humans

  10. A ditty, Athira: Good to hear there are other dogs who sit like this - I was afraid it was a disorder of some sort! My mother has been a fanatical dog-lover all her life, but she's never seen anything like this.

    Anu: she has an outstanding ball sense - succeeds in dribbling a football away from me quite often. (Of course, this will also tell you that I should probably stick to reviewing books!)

    Harini: oh Foxie never worries about a bed being cleared up - she just pulls everything off it herself.

  11. Ragini: don't feed the trolls, it only makes them come back for more.

    Okay, having said that, I can't resist myself:

    ...would rather shower my love/affection/time on humans

    Last troll: I hope all this love/affection/time is being showered on willing recipients? If not, do be careful - you might get arrested!

  12. Inspector Rex* make way, Footballer Foxie is here!

    *Austrian TV series on a detective dog, not sure if it is shown in India.

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  14. Dude - long legs, high behind and the posture your dog assumes while sitting may mean weak pelvic tendons or enfeebled hind-quarters. I think you would do well to mention this to your vet if you haven't already. Could lead to complications as Foxy ages. May be nothing, but still may be something worth having checked out.

  15. Pareshaan: thanks, will keep it in mind. Everyone who's seen her so far (including vets and people who work part-time with organisations like Friendicoes) say she's one of the sturdiest looking desi dogs they've seen. But one never knows.