Thursday, March 31, 2005


The hotel in Zurich is very nice (personally, I’m just grateful for being in the same place for five straight days, instead of having to lug everything around every day). One of the best things about it is this little artificial lake in the lobby where resides a giant, corpulent turtle who never stirs but occasionally blinks to show he’s alive. There are also the most remarkable, most personable fish I’ve ever seen, huge creatures that swim at the surface of the water, half their bodies out, and come right up to you fearlessly, opening their mouths for food. At one point I could easily have reached out and patted one.

Instead I went to the nearby restaurant for a filling of sushi and sashimi.


  1. Hey there is a lake near Mandi that also has fish you can feed up close. Though, I think if you pat them you'd probably lose your hand.

  2. good one illusions... that was neat... :)