Thursday, March 31, 2005

Basel... a pretty little town with lots of trams scurrying about (and cars, coolly moving in the same road space, darting out of their way just in time). Many friendly pigeons in the town square too. But suspiciously Indian-looking, not fat and furry like you’d expect pigeons in rich countries to be.

NO ONE speaks English here. And more surprisingly, we received blank looks when we said “BaselWorld Fair” to people at the station. Everywhere else in the country, it’s the number one subject of discussion.

You can get sick of anything. In England last year, it got so that each time I saw another castle I would pray for Huns to materialise and tear it down. In Switzerland, the grass is irritatingly green. One can only take so much of greenery.


  1. Ah, then a change in color scheme is on the cards. Blue! Blue!

    (While one doesn't visit a blog because of it's colour scheme, one does visit yours in spite of it)

    (Just joshing. *grin*)

  2. Why must you crib about greenery and Switzerland?Oxford is cold and bleak and rainy now...the greens are all dull and muddy looking.And it's supposed to be spring.I'd love some 'irritating green'...

  3. Grass is always 'irritatingly' (or otherwise) greener on the other side ;-)

  4. Nikhil: ouch, I asked for that didn't I?

    Kishore: speaking about "the other side", something that's really annoying is that the best scenery is ALWAYS on the other side of the train, never on the side I'm sitting with camera in hand.