Saturday, May 28, 2005

Testing: first post from my laptop...

...and Samit, this one's just a two-liner. Now a new era begins.


  1. Congratulations. on both tha laptop and the one-liner. Btw turns out I might go to basel in june to meet a friend.

  2. Letterhead, I'm so wait, you're NOT going to be spending all your time in pendulum pits? Now I'm so sorry for myself.

    Try to spend some time in the famous Old Town (or Ancient City, or whatever they call it). I couldn't, alas. But if you post/photoblog about it, I'll live vicariously.

    And say coo to the pigeons outside the train station.

  3. Will do.:) Completely off the topic, just saw Adaptation (yes have finished a very shitty draft of my dissertation)and am quite floored. Have you seen it? What views? Am hesitating about doing a review, but am very intrigued and amused by it.