Friday, May 27, 2005

And while I’m ranting about newspapers...

What is with the “an era has come to an end” every time a famous person dies? Are there really as many eras as there are famous people? Lazy, lazy reporters!


  1. Chuckle, chuckle...

    Wonder what'll happen when Sonia dies? Do you think they'll beatify her?

  2. I'm a journalist, and I want to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog. I tend to change loyalties when it comes to blogs, but I've been faithful to yours. Despite the fact that a few of your posts are, uh, very, very long ... Nice work though.

  3. Hey thanks, SF. Wish you'd left a mail ID though, since I'm a bit awkward about replying to compliments in 'Comments'.

    Yes, being faithful to blogs is difficult now with so many good ones about. Subscribing to Bloglines has helped me keep track of the ones I want to know about, otherwise it would've been very tedious going from site to site.

    Long posts...doubt that'll change. Look at how long this comment is already!

  4. yeah! An era! And every dead man is accused of leaving a void that may never be filled. Like right now, some are alleging Sunil Dutt was a brilliant actor. Dutt, a rare gem of a human being and rarer politician, is dead so everyone is rushing to give out their own posthumous awards to Dutt. But then we have showered greatness on all kinds of people, including Indira Gandhi. The dead are great!

  5. Yup. You've identified one of my major peeves.
    Some of the dead were indeed great. Most, though, were like the regular humans that (obviously) most of us are.

    Hopefully Julia Roberts will outlive me.


  6. Recently I had been thinking about this "era" thing myself but totally for a different reason. Recently my dad's mausi died and I told my wife, "An era has ended with her death."

    With her parents, and all her siblings dead, everything of that world has gone because I think every person carries a part of the era with her or him because what is an era? It is the impression of the world in our mind. The impression dies when the brain dies. This is really fascinating, and humbling.


  7. Good god, a short post! three lines!
    Its the end of an era