Sunday, May 29, 2005

Googled: now he’s an ‘it’

One of the Google searches that led someone to my site was “Sachin Tendulkar and its achievements”.

Its? “Its”? No, really? We know many of you don’t like him anymore but he’s still a human being, people! He isn’t just a, uh, bruised elbow or something.

(P.S. the suhaag raat motif continues. New searches include ‘enjoyable suhaag raat’ and ‘pictures of suhaag raat sex’. Which of you was it now? Own up.)


  1. Sachin Tendulkar and its achievements

    Thats hilarious dude

    My favourite google search to my blog so far is:

    Urdu Sexy Stories

  2. My favorite search term for my blog is "chennai wife swapping" and the most common is "DPS Dhamaka"

  3. Dude, worse things can happen! like some dumbass searching for "tendulkar sucks", "nude actresses" (which brings them to my blog :( ) and a lot more.. check this out ;) (*shamelessly puts down his own link*)