Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The 2012 Osian’s Cinefan festival

For movie buffs in Delhi, Cinefan is back after a gap of two years (or is it three? The last time I attended it was in 2008). There’s a schedule up on the official website (though it looks a bit disorganised at this point) – apart from the film screenings, there will be some interesting panel discussions as well as night-time music events at blueFROG. I’m moderating a session for the Rockstar team on August 1, and hope to catch a few films as well.

[Some posts about movies I have seen at Cinefan over the years: the Pakistani gore film Zibahkhana; the lovely My Father My Lord; Mizoguchi and the benshi; Greed and Bioscope; Driving to Zigzigland; Scream of the Ants]


  1. do catch anaey ghode ka daan by gurvinder singh

  2. Yes, the website is quite a disaster. No useful information in any way or form can be derived from it. At what time is your session? It doesn't say.

  3. Nimit: it's at 1.30 pm on the 1st. Think the session is mentioned somewhere but no details listed.