Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shahar aur Cinema in The Hindu

In the 1950s (a period of Nehruvian optimism for the country), the big city is depicted in almost naively positive terms, as a place of hope, opportunity and justice. By the 1970s, the dream is souring...
Another plug for Mihir Pandya’s book on Delhi representations in Indian cinema – here’s a short preview/profile I did around the book for The Hindu’s Sunday Magazine.


  1. It appears that the link to the Hindu article is inactive. It takes you directly to the comments page which has been shut down.

  2. Sonia: just checked the link again - it's working for me.

  3. Jai, I just checked. Its working. It must have been a short term technical glitch.
    I love the way Delhi as a city has been used in recent films like Oye Lucky and Vicky Donor. For a while, it felt like Mumbai was the only worthy muse. I wish there were a Hindi kindle edition.
    I love the range of subjects that you cover, but I wanted to ask, have you ever written on the performance of gender in Hindi cinema. I have always been curious about it and my knowledge is limited.

  4. I wish someone discusses how NYC has been depicted in films over the years.

    Starting with -

    Drums along the Mohawk (American Revolution)

    The Heiress (1840s upper middle class)

    The Age of Innocence (1870s upper class)

    The Strawberry Blonde (Gay Nineties)

    Roaring Twenties (1920s Prohibition era)

    Annie Hall (Decadent 70s)

  5. Shrikanth: I'm sure there have been multiple books and academic theses on the depiction of NYC in cinema.