Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Akshara Ramayana

A shout-out to theatre enthusiasts in Delhi: Gopal Sharman’s acclaimed play The Ramayana is being performed at the Akshara Theatre between October 1-4 (starting 7 pm). Sharman’s play centres on specific episodes from the epic – such as a long conversation between King Dasharatha and his queen Kaikeya – and central to its performance is the katha vachaka or storyteller, who is initially seated in the audience but then takes the stage, articulates the questions raised in the narrative, and eventually transforms herself into the characters. Naturally, this is a complex task for an actor, and Sharman’s wife Jalabala Vaidya has given highly praised solo performances – modulating her voice to bring the Ramayana’s characters to life – in over 2,000 performances worldwide, including on Broadway and the West End.

The Akshara production won’t be a one-woman show this time – it has a cast of young actors – but Vaidya will continue to play the katha vachaka and also perform the Dasharath-Kaikeya samvaad as well as the intimate final act between Rama and Sita. For details regarding tickets, timings etc check the Facebook page or call at 9313994368, (011)23361075 or (011)32910427.


  1. I remember seeing this sometime in the Seventies, with Jalabala Vaidya as the solo performer. It was truly an unforgettable experience. They also served us cups of hot soup!

  2. saw it last night It was awesome . they still serve the soup .