Friday, May 15, 2009

A quote and more plugs

One of my favourite newspaper quotes from recent days is this one by Abhishek Bachchan, in a coochie-coo cover story done by HT City:
I still wake up in the morning and revel in the fact that I share the same room as Aishwarya Rai.
Why not simply "Aishwarya" or "Aish"? "Aishwarya Rai" makes it sound like little Abhishek is still the 17-year-old boy who gawped at the freshly crowned Miss India World back in 1993 and thought "How cool would it be to have HER as a roomie?" Now I imagine the first thing he does after getting up each morning is fist-pump and yell "Yes!" She even pays the rent on time, he probably thinks to himself.

(Going by this story, I think S Sreesranth would approve of AB's choice of roommate.)

Anyway, this is silly nitpicking. While on dream couples, here are two plugs for my wife (who has never once told a newspaper that she revels in sharing the same room as Jabberwock Singh). First, a wellness blog she recently started; it's still at an experimental stage but expect lots of spa reviews in the near future, and possibly a guest post by me about my Ananda stay three years ago (but definitely nothing about this experience). Second, a link to Abhilasha's page on Muziboo, where she's uploaded a couple of her songs. She hasn't seriously pursued what could have been a very promising singing career, but I'm hoping she does at some stage.

Back on the 24th. Blogging will or will not resume then.


  1. Loved Khwaishon Mein ...
    Please tell her to put up more.

  2. ...sharing the same room as Jabberwock Singh.. probably she categorises it under matters needing to be hushed up rather than flaunted..!! :)

  3. I wonder if those fake giggles are infectious!

  4. Beautiful songs. Please ask her to upload more songs if possible.

  5. I *l.o.v.e.* the songs.

    Please pursue Abhilasha about pusrsuing that music career please.